W.J.Hatt are an experienced biotreament plant and septic tank installer. We both design and install foul and storm water drainage systems of every size. These range from those needed by private houses to that of large schools and estates.

When it comes to all kinds of drainage and sewerage solutions, we are very accomplished and can:

  • Upgrade and repair current or failing sewage systems.
  • Repair blocked, collapsed or inadequate pipework and soakaways.
  • Dredge blocked or overgrown drainage ditches and can install underground pipes or culverts to carry the water.

In addition to the above, we carry out drainage service location surveys including depth measurements along pipe runs. Using these surveys, we can locate blockages precisely. This often occurs when manholes have not been installed or flexible pipe has been used.

As well as being a new bio-treatment plant and septic tank installer, W.J.Hatt also carries out soakaway design and build for existing sewage treatment plants. We can install pumping stations and their associated pipework for untreated sewerage connections to the mains. The major advantage of these systems is that they do not rely on gravity. Pipework can run for miles to reach a sewerage main where required. Where gravity-fed soakaways are not appropriate, we can install smaller pumping chambers for treated sewerage.

We offer a complete design and consultancy service. We are also approved installers for Marsh Industries and Klargester (Kingspan) wastewater managements systems. Read more about our partnership here.

Design and Consultancy

W.J.Hatt Ltd offer a complete design and consultancy service for new builds as well as renovations. Our wealth of onsite experience means that rather than having a design team and a separate installer they are one and the same. The main advantage to this process is that when the inevitable changes, additions, or difficulties occur during the installation these are resolved onsite without hold ups.

Foul Drainage

We can carry out repairs or replacements for all types of broken, damaged, or inappropriate pipework. We can install manholes and gully traps for both foul and waste water on new builds, as well as install any configuration of drainage, tailoring systems to your requirements. All pipework is installed in conjunction with lasers to ensure that falls are exact.

Storm Drainage

We can repair, install, or upgrade underground or land drainage to provide for your needs.

Dredging Waterways

We can dredge, enlarge, or install drainage ditches to improve flow rates and reduce risks of flooding. These open water ways often provide habitats for a huge diversity of wildlife.

Further information on drainage & flooding

Over our 75 years of trading, W.J.Hatt has always dealt with drainage problems using a pragmatic approach. The addition of modern materials, resources and pipes continues to make our drainage works ever more efficient. As flooding proves to be a pertinent issue in Britain, properly installed and maintained ditches, culverts and underground pipes become essential. Effective functionality is the driving force behind any successful flood prevention system. No amount of soakaway design will cope with storm water runoff. This is in the same way that too small a pipe will fail to carry such large quantities of water. Furthermore, drainage schemes must continue to work with as little maintenance as possible. When it comes to cost effective drainage solutions, there is simply no substitute for experience.