Our Affiliates

Klargester (Kingspan)

Klargester Wastewater Solutions (Kingspan Water & Energy) has been creating sustainable solutions that preserve and protect water and energy for over 50 years, supporting homes and businesses across the world. We use their products, such as sewage treatment plants, septic tanks and pumping stations, in our waste-water management systems.

Marsh Industries

Marsh is a traditional, family-owned business who deliver world-class waste and surface water products and solutions. They cater to domestic, commercial and agricultural sectors from their UK manufacturing plants in Kettering and Bridgwater. We use their products in our waste-water management systems, as well.

Allsebrook Pumps

Whenever we require pumped or pressurised systems for wellheads, boreholes, rainwater harvesting or dirty water systems we work closely with Allsebrook. Allsebrook then provide the appropriate equipment for any systems demands. They can also offer extensive service packages to ensure that systems continue to run without issue. We work alongside them for our storm drainage systems, water schemes and water features.

Eaton Environmental

Many ageing water systems with degraded underground pipework are subject to contamination from both particulates (normally rust) and bacterial agents. Often these are private water systems with unacceptably high levels of (naturally ocurring) chemicals or bacteria in them. Usually these have little effect on people who regularly drink the water, but can be particuarly harmful to the infirm, the very young and the old. Additionally, any visitors are susceptible as they will not have developed no immunity to the contaminated water. Whenever water sampling is required where we are maintaining or installing water systems we would always look to use Eaton Environmental. Along with sampling they can also specify, supply and install the appropriate filters (U.V., particulate and chemical). This ensures that water supplies are safe, practicable and legal. Furthermore, this helps to keep continuity throughout our works.

H.D. Services Ltd

H.D. Services Ltd is also a family run company. Based in Buckinghamshire, they have been installing sewage treatment systems and constructing boreholes in the chalk aquifer since 1988. Whenever our work requires the creation or renovation of boreholes, we work in conjunction with H.D. Services.