Water Features

W.J.Hatt Ltd takes great pride in the construction of water features that are natural and simple. These can be installed either during the building process of a lake or pond, or retrospectively upon completion. We have created waterfalls, cascades, fountains, piers and jetties on estates and private houses. In addition to this, we have designed and built bespoke water features for clients. See our work on this stunning quartz stone water feature, for example.

We can also modify, install or repair existing structures and water features that are leaking or have suffered damage as and where required.

We offer a complete design and consultancy service. When necessary, we work in conjunction with Allsebrook Pumps to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions. Get in touch to discuss your ideas for small garden or large-scale water features. Please note that we work mainly in the Berkshire and Oxfordshire areas.

Water Features
Waterfalls & Cascades

These photos show the modification of a broken system of sluice gates and the final creation of a natural looking cascade. Where streams or spring-fed ponds have a continuous supply, cascades and waterfalls can provide the sights and sounds of running water.

Pump-fed Cascades

Where continuous water supplies are not available, the installation of pumps and underground pipework allows for water to be continuously circulated, creating the same effect as natural springs and streams.

Circulating Pump Systems

These stone troughs each house their own pump and flow valve such that water volumes can be easily controlled depending on the quantity of water required. They are also fed by a hidden balance tank which ensures they always remain at the desired level.

Water Fountains

This antique stone fountain gains its waterproofing without using any visible liner or internal coatings so that the stone itself remains visible. The flow rates for the pump can be altered to suit requirements, and in this instance a threaded end to the outflow pipe allows for the addition of various water-dispersing nozzles. The balance tank to automatically control the water level is located underground nearby while the pump itself is hidden in a sump with a stone cover inside the fountain. We have had the privilege to construct a large number of different fountains in many beautiful settings.

Bespoke Design Work

This quartz stone feature was mounted on a suspended concrete slab. The elliptical surround was created using shuttering and reinforced concrete, as was the base for the feature, which exactly mirrors the shape of the stone's base. There are separate water feeds to both the top of the stone feature and the pool allowing for water to be distributed as desired. The hidden channel circulates the water back to an underground pumping chamber where it is then pumped back to the feature. The edges of the pond are clad in granite such that a wall of water continuously flows over the pool's edge. Underwater lights illuminate the stone at night, whilst the whole system is controlled from a small remote control.

Piers and Jetties

The construction of piers and jetties adds hugely to the aesthetics of a pond or lake, as well as a chance to view and enjoy aquatic wildlife. Where their size excludes them as a possibility in smaller ponds, 'floating' stepping stones or narrow bridges can be installed.

Further information

The company has always operated on a very practical level when it comes to constructing water features such as waterfalls or cascades. Though we can always create bespoke designs upon request, our emphasis is very much on traditional-looking features that quickly naturalise. We would always look to hide any artificial butyl liners used, along with using natural rock where ever possible. This creates features that are not overly symmetrical, which works perfectly in our wildlife ponds. Pretentious though it may sound, we believe that features should draw the eye rather than catch it. The only way to achieve this is to go through the designs on site, rather than finalise drawings on a computer beforehand.